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Congratulations on being accepted into the game. Now let's have a big meeting post, plan and have fun together!

The AU in this game is completely player's choice. We encourage you to take a look at the city and plan accordingly! Your AU information can be added to your character hub, should you desire. As long as it is available somewhere, and others can take a quick glance and know what the character's AU is.

We only ask that you try to keep everything tasteful and respect our decision if we feel you're going too far. As the game begins, you are free to continue using this post to plan or ask the mods first-post related questions. We'll do our best to answer in a timely manner!

The city of Eddan is very much a typical metropolis, so your characters can have any job that would make sense in a busy city. They don't have to be restricted to the school, or have a school job. If you're not sure, don't be shy about asking. There's a lot of freedom!

Roll the dice
There is also a randomized AU signup if you'd like to leave it to chance who your family members are and establish pre-game CR with new people. But if you'd rather leave it for now and wait for other app turns, that's also fine!

The first log will be posted on MAY 13TH. Please vote on what time you want it to be posted. We'll go with player majority! (As a note, this will be done for all rounds).

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Natsumi Hikari - Kamen Rider Decade

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So late that I'm falling out of fashion...

Anyway, hi! This gal is Natsumi Hikari from that strange world-hopping series called Kamen Rider Decade. She's the support heroine who got an upgrade to full-time heroine near the end of the show's run. Aka, she became one of the heroes of the franchise series - a Kamen Rider, complete with armor and powers and such.

Only she don't have all of that here. In fact, she isn't even named Natsumi or Hikari in this life.

So, who is she pre-Awakening?
She is Niko Fuyu - and if her name was written in Japanese (surname first) it would translate to be "Winter Sun-child" - a pun on her canon nickname of 'Natsumikan' (summer orange). She's got a mother and father who run the Fuyu Photography Studio, a building that also doubles as their home. It's somewhere around the Richmond area, and it's one of the older buildings. Her father's father founded the business, and had managed to passed on the reigns to his son - Mr. Fuyu - before passing away when Niko was tiny.

Niko herself isn't all that interested in education - at least, not the kind that can be gained from in-the-field-experience. She barely graduated from high school by the skin of her teeth, which means that some folks tend to look down on her for not continuing her education. She thinks this is silly, because you don't need classroom study to work a camera and turn it into film! She's that carefree spirit who always has her camera bag nearby - just in case she comes across that perfect shot.

Still, she really would appreciate it if her friends would stop pulling harmless pranks on her. And she would really like people to stop acting snobbish just because they got more book learning than her. And finally, she would deeply appreciate her family and closest friends to stop teasing her about finding a boyfriend. She's only 20! She's got forever and a day to find the right guy! Just let her follow her passions, goddamnit!

So what kind of Cr do you want?
Distant relatives - Aunts, uncles, etc - for her to check on. People to act as customers, or old friends from school that she's kept around. At least one person that's been known to pull harmless pranks on her every now and then.

Oh, and a frenemy/rival photographer to inspire her to further perfect her craft.

Fellow heroes - especially those who have visited other worlds like she has. She would still love her family even after returning back to being Natsumi, but it would be nice to have a sympathetic person to discuss any issues related to those things.

People for her to nag and mother over.

...and anyone else, really!